Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting to Know Eliza

Here are some (ten actually) things about Miss Eliza.

1. She likes to go for walks.

2. She makes some really cute sounds and one sound when she is angry that is really not cute at all.

3. Her favorite song might be itsy bitsy spider.

4. She is very tolerant and undiscerning when it comes to singing voices.

5. She has always seemed long. check out the floods.

6. She usually likes the bouncer chair (Thanks Eliasons) and at times can really get it going!

7. Her smile can light up the world.

8. She likes baths (Again thanks Eliasons).

9. She is usually on her best behavior around strangers.

10. She is stinkin' cute.

Here is a video for the grandparents (The Grands). Eliza is just learning how to laugh, OK, I couldn't decide which one and learning to edit video while feeding her seems a bit too ambitious so here are two videos of the same thing (but with alternate wardrobe).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventures in Moving Part II

#4 Taco Bed

It is no secret I had really been looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. However, when our household goods were delivered the box springs would not fit up the stairs. Luke had the brilliant idea of doing a search of our predicament on the world-wide-interweb where we found instructions on what to do. So after a little cutting, sawing, and folding I slept in my bed last Friday night. Luke actually prefers the skyrise inflatable bed which is actually much easier to get up the stairs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adventures in Moving...with an Infant

#1 Day at the Beach

We decided Eliza (1.5 weeks then) should go to the ocean before we left Hawaii. She didn't really like it at all.

FYI-its not really a good idea to take the baby's car seat on the beach with you. Especially if the person carrying said car seat is holding the car seat at arm's length and is wears size 13 slippers (flip flops for you mainlanders) in the sand. We were still finding sand a full week and a half later in her little baby crevices.

#2 The Longest Day of the Year

The day of Luke's graduation (don't worry you didn't miss anything big, he just "graduated" from intern year) we checked out of our hotel early in the morning and were catching an overnight flight to Baltimore. This picture is of Eliza at said graduation right before the bird pooped all over her, which was before she pooped all over us while we were changing her while at the same time spitting up and urinating. This led to a bystander (we were very much in public) remarking "wow every orifice". We knew it was going to be a long day and night and day and then we realized it was June 20th. Happy Summer solstice:)

#3 Suitcase Baking

We were invited to some friends house for dinner (Thanks Owens!) and we wanted to take something. We had a no-bake Oreo cheesecake thing we thought would be quick and easy but it went terribly wrong.

Crust-Luke used a paper plate in the toaster oven to melt the butter (our microwave was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean). This resulted in fire.

Crust second try- Luke successfully melted the butter on the stove in the pie plate itself-Brilliant!

However, this method (and the fact we didn't have any measuring spoons) disallowed titrating to achieve the proper proportion of butter to Oreo crumbs. The result was a very oily slurry of black sludge.

Pudding-Camille was in charge of the pudding part. All this needed was to mix the packaged mix with a few cups of milk. We didn't have any measuring cups so I used my skinny Camelbak bottle. I measured the milk in the bottle and since we also didn't have any mixing bowls I decided to pour the powder in the bottle with the milk and shake it. This worked remarkably well...until it was time to pour the mixture out onto the crust. No chance. All I could get out was what I could reach with a small plastic spoon.

Suffice it to say we showed up at their house empty handed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Settled Yet?

People keep asking me if we are settled in yet. We are in Baltimore things are good but it is hard to really feel settled when you are sleeping on an air mattress. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful to have a home and an air mattress but I am really looking forward to our bed coming (hopefully this week)! It seems like this move has pretty much taken all summer. We shipped our car in May and now its August and we are hoping our household goods will come soon. Then I can feel settled...and we are already talking about the next move.