Monday, April 14, 2008


Recently we have had quite a few visitors at the Mease Family B&B. (This may in part explain the lack of postings the last few months.)
First, Camille's parents visited for a couple of weeks in February -Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Dad. Then Luke's parents visited Mid-March for a short but fun filled vacation. Then, at the end of March while Luke was in Texas (Remember the Alamo!) Alisha and her friend MaryAnn left husbands and kids behind for a women's week (kind of like they have at BYU but without any speakers and much more snorkeling). See Alisha's blog for more info on said visit. Additionally, we look forward to Lindsay's visit next week. WELCOME HOME SISTER DURRANT!
As near as I can figure, people started missing us after a long cold winter. Or maybe they just wanted to "check up on us". At any rate we had a lot of fun! Come again!

Spiffy rental convertible-less spiffy in backseat

I made my parents pose for a sunrise anniversary photo at Hanauma Bay

From Bellows-I think

We had a lot of fun sneaking over to the Big Island for a couple of days

Kayaking to SCUBA at "No Landing" Rabbit Island

Sweaty man hike to crouching lion
-yes we think you should shower

Hauula loop Hike

Yummy drinks to validate Waikiki parking

Pali overlook-its usually windy