Monday, November 10, 2008

White dresses in August

I know, I know, its about time I posted something.
August 2nd was Eliza's blessing. It was great to be able to have some family and friends there.

Lindsay wanted to wear a white dress in August too, so she got married!
Lindsay and Robbie and families at the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple August 30th.


Amber said...

Pretty, pretty princess (baby and bride).

Liz Packard said...

Camille, my old cheerleader friend! How are you? I don't know how I found your blog...I think it was on Shiloh's, but I am just excited to see what you are up to! Send me an email at and tell me what you doing. Miss you!
Liz Jones Packard

Zack, Shannon and Oliver said...

ok, camille it's time to do a new post already!! Your baby is probably like a year old by now!!! ha, ha, ha